Mark Knapp Alaska Adventures

Mark Knapp Alaska Adventures is a chronical of the life of an avid Alaskan outdoorsman. A custom knife maker and outdoor gear designer and maker, Mark embarks on wilderness adventures that range across the state of Alaska from Sitka in Southern Alaska to the Brooks Range in the north to research, design and test his outdoor gear, survival equipment and knives.

These adventures include long distance treks with minimal gear in the Brooks Range to ice fishing in interior Alaska, to fly fishing for halibut, ling cod and rockfish in southeast Alaska.

Join Mark as he floats and treks some of the most remote places in the US. We will hunt big and small game, fish for all of Alaska’s game fish, in both fresh and salt water, see all of Alaska Wildlife, discover Alaska’s wild edible plants, and discover evidence of early human existence in remote places.


Please check out to view all of Mark's custom knife work.


Stay up do date with my upcoming plans to start my trek in the Brooks Range of Alaska. Journal reports will be added daily.

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