Chitina Alaska; Dip Netting for Copper River Sockeye and Chinook Salmon

A tradition for many Alaskans is our annual trip to Chitina Alaska for king and red salmon dip netting where we harvest some of the world’s best salmon for our tables for the coming year.

Brooks Range 2018

The 1911 combat survivor bowie - knife assembly

The 1911 Combat Survivor Bowie was made to commemorate the Colt 1911 Automatic. I designed this knife to carry a spare magazine for a Colt 1911 automatic, and also a custom survival clip, containing a number of survival tools.

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a message from the film maker

Jamie Wensley (JMW Films) gives us a quick introduction on himself and the story of how he got connected with Mark to begin creating the videos series for the 350 Mile Survival Trek in the Brooks Range. PLEASE NOTE: Some preliminary filming was done by Jamie, but all of the footage on the adventures is captured by Mark Knapp.