Northern Pike - Three Ways

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and there’s more than on way to catch a pike. In Alaska we can spear them through the ice, jig for them with artificial baits and catch them with tip-ups and live bait. Join us as we explore all three methods on the outskirts of Fairbanks


Few places elicit emotions like Africa. Three friends and I journeyed to South Africa’s Limpopo province to experience the kind of adventure that only South Africa can deliver.

Ice fishing for Lake Trout in Interior Alaska

Ice fishing for large lake trout can be very challenging. Come along with us as we target large lake trout in one of the interiors most popular lake trout lakes.

Ice Fishing Trout and Char in Interior Alaska

In central Alaska the winters are long and cold. If you want to fish, you have to do it through up to 34 inches of ice. In this video we use two different techniques, using hand tied jigs with our own cured baits and flies that resemble freshwater snails with no bait, to catch rainbow trout, arctic char and stocked silver salmon.

Fly Fishing Smallmouth and Sunfish with Popper and Dropper

In June a very good friend of mine, whom I had guided in the Brooks Range for a record book grizzly bear, invited me down to his cabin an hour outside of Spokane Washington to fly fish for sunfish and small mouth bass. My host was gracious and the fishing was great.

delta river float

The Delta River is a beautiful and exciting place to be. The river is exhilarating at times with up to class five white water. Wildlife is abundant and the fishing is pretty good. It can be an arduous journey with a portage that goes almost straight up and down in places. The trip can be done in two days but four or five is better. Follow us in this video and, even better, float the river yourself. We didn’t get to hunt on this float much due to the bad weather and our schedule but just being there was reward enough.


Brooks Range, AK - First Fall Hunt

The farthest north mountain range in Alaska is the Brooks Range, it’s rugged and wild, one of the most remote places on earth. Dall Sheep, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Caribou and Grizzly Bears roam the mountain sides and river valleys. In August and September each year we venture to the Brooks Range to test our skills and stamina in a quest for some of the most challenging game in the US in some of the most beautiful and physically challenging places on earth. After viewing hundreds of caribou our guests take three very nice caribou including the one in this video.

Brooks Range, AK - Second Fall Hunt

Two brothers join us on a hunt for Alaska-Yukon Moose and Grizzly bear on the south side of the Brooks Range. We take a moose that measures just under sixty inches and a record book grizzly. The fun thing about this hunt was that each brother got to watch the other stalk and take his trophy from a lookout hill on over a one mile stalk using hand signals from the look-out hill.

THE FULU - Custom knife design

The Fulu is a combination fork and round knife intended for use by individuals with the use of only one hand. From the words “fork” and ”Ulu” the traditional Alaska Native knife, the Fulu enables the use of one hand to cut food on the plate and eat it without having to put down one utensil and pick up another. Anyone with the use of only one hand for whatever reason, stroke, accident or war injury, can regain independence, and dignity with needing someone else to cut their food for them

Chitina, AK; Dip Netting for Copper River Sockeye and Chinook Salmon

A tradition for many Alaskans is our annual trip to Chitina Alaska for king and red salmon dip netting where we harvest some of the world’s best salmon for our tables for the coming year.

Brooks Range 2018

The 1911 combat survivor bowie - knife assembly

The 1911 Combat Survivor Bowie was made to commemorate the Colt 1911 Automatic. I designed this knife to carry a spare magazine for a Colt 1911 automatic, and also a custom survival clip, containing a number of survival tools.

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